SIA «The Industrial Technopark»

The basic subject of activity is development and introduction of technologies and technical processes at the industrial enterprises, and also solving of technological problems of the given enterprises, using bank of the information on high technologies and materials (industrial consulting).

Our enterprise has developed makes and introduces following installations, materials and technologies:

  1. The Antiwear antifrictional (AWAF) composition, which allows to carry out processing of new units of a friction, and also to carry out without-disassembling repair of automobile, lorries, autobuses (rolling-contact bearings, sleeve bearings, cylinders of engines), the process equipment (compressors of all types, superchargers, reductors, the exposed pinion transmissions), what leads to:
    • Raise of longevity of units of a friction in 2-3 times;
    • Raise (leveling) of a compression in cylinders of engines up to factory parameters;
    • Decrease of coefficient of friction and by that to raise of EFFICIENCY of machines and the equipment;
    • Protection of a friction surface against hydrogen chafing;
    • Increase in term of work of regular oils and decrease of their consumption in 2-3 times.
  2. Equipment and technology of impregnation of casting with the purpose of its sealing.
  3. Electrolytic-plasma treatment (EPT). Technology of the accelerated thermal and thermo-chemical processing in the electrolytic plasma.