SIA The Industrial Technopark is manufacturer of electrolityc-plasma treatment equipment. Each EPT installation is made according to specific customer requirements.

The scientific director of the EPT direction in our company is the creator of the technology of electrolytic-plasma polishing, PhD.Valentin N. Duradji.

Electrolytic-plasma treatment of parts

The most important factor for sustainable development is the widespread introduction of new processes that reduce energy consumption and with higher environmental and economic performance. Such processes include polishing metals and alloys in electrolytic plasma, which is an alternative to traditional methods: mechanical and electrochemical polishing.

Unlike the traditional chemical and electrochemical polishing in the electrolytic plasma technology uses environmentally friendly aqueous salt solutions of low concentration (2-10%) which is much cheaper than toxic acid components.

This method is based on the features of the flow of electric current of high density (several amperes per square centimeter) at the metal-electrolyte border. After exceeding a certain critical value of current density and voltage, around a metal anode a stationary vapor-gas shell is formed and electro-hydrodynamic mode of the anodic process is established. Near the anode arises a multiphase system of metal-plasma-gas-electrolyte, in which the charge carriers are not only ions, but electrons too. Joint action on the surface of chemically active medium and electrical discharges leads to the effect of products polishing.

Metal polishing occur in the range of the voltage 250-330V and current densities 0.4-0.6 A/cm2. The duration of polishing is 2-5 minutes and duration of deburring is 5-20 seconds. At that the surface smoothness is improved by 2-3 classes, fine protrusions are removed and large protrusions are smoothed; the product gets stable (long-term) metal shine, sharp edges are blunted and burrs with a thickness up to 0.3 mm at the base are removed. At the same time can be processed as a whole product and also its separate parts. Special disposal facilities do not required for the disposal of waste electrolytes..

Electrolytic-plasma polishing is performed on compact installations, which are easy to operate, reliable in operation and can be incorporated into an automated line. The part is immersed in the electrolytic bath either fully or partially. Depending on the requirements, it is possible to perform the local treatment of the desired part using the sprayer. Within the electrolytic-plasma technology there is no introduction of the abrasives particles and surface degreasing occurs.

This installation also could be used for thermal (heating of the part from 4000 up to 10000°С) treatment with subsequent hardening and thermo-chemical treatment (nitriding, nitrocarburizing, cementation, etc.) within 1-3 minutes. For the products made from aluminum and titan microarc oxidation can be done.

Processing of any metal in the electrolytic plasma allows to save material and labor resources, increase the productivity in metalworking. Technological process meets sanitary standards, allows to solve the important social problem for a significant improvement in working conditions and ensuring of safe work of the operation staff.

The given method allows to perform products treatment in three basic ways:

    • polishing of geometrically-complex surfaces of critical parts;
    • deburring and rounding sharp of corners;
    • decorative polishing of metal products.

Technical parameters for polishing of products: 

    • The DC voltage on the bath: 250-330 V;
    • Current density: 0,4 – 0,6 A /cm22;
    • Electrolyte temperature: 60 – 900°С;
    • Processing time: 1 – 3 min.

Scheme of the electrolytic-plasma treatment

Parts polishing in the electrolytic plasma (electrohydrodynamic mode).