The antiwear antifrictional (AWAF) composition is intended for lessening of the friction coefficient and reducing of wear out of friction pairs, and also for rehabilitation of the worn out friction areas and units without disassembling them in normal operational mode..

The AWAF composition produced by us is a nanodispersion, multicomponent mixture of minerals. The technology of the AWAF composition treatment is one of the methods to raise the wear resistance of the machine components which is based on the effect of nonwearability while carrying out the selective transfer.

Areas of application:

The antiwear antifrictional (AWAF) composition allows to treat both new and weared knots of a friction, and could be used in the following machines and mechanisms:

    • In vehicles of all brands (rolling bearings, sleeve bearings, cylinders of engines);
    • Locomotive diesel engines (oil-bath lubrication of a connecting rod gear);
    • Construction and road machines (the basic friction knots of excavators and bulldozers);
    • Equipment and machines (sleeve bearings, rolling bearings of deck inventory, diesel engines of courts of admiralty);
    • The process equipment (compressors of all types (piston, screw, rotary and turbo compressor, etc.), the reductors, the exposed pinion transmissions.

i.e. everywhere all technique areas which has tribological component.

The basic consumer properties of an AWAF composition:

    • Raise of longevity of knots of friction (in 2-3 times);
    • The degree of running-in breakup of friction pairs at a running-in of new drives drops on 14-55 %, and the time of a running-in decreases twice;
    • Raise a compression in engine cylinders, up to factory exponents;
    • Decrease in coefficient of friction and by that raise of EFFICIENCY of machines and the equipment
    • Decrease in temperature of friction pairs and extension of a continuance of operation of a friction component at a lubrication shutoff;
    • Decrease in electricity consumption on 8-10 %;
    • Diminution in level of vibration and noise;
    • Magnification of life cycle of nominal oils;
    • Considerably drop the content CO and СН, and also firm impurities in exhaust gases.

Advantages in comparison with other compositions used for decrease of a friction coefficient and quantity of a breakup:

    • It could be applied for running-in, both new drives, and drives after capital repairs;
    • Reduces concentration of an irritants in exhaust fume;
    • Protective layer maintain the properties after several replacements of oil;
    • Protective layer are formed only in places of a friction and not formed in the shut vacuities;
    • Protective layer are not saturated with products of a breakup and do not work as an abradant;
    • In composition there aren’t any fluorinated builders, which result in formation of toxic liquids (phosgene);
    • The composition is applied both to oils, and for lubricating greases.

The AWAF composition will help you with the solution of your technical problems.