1. What represents antiwear antifrictional a repair-regenerative composition (AWAF)?

This composition is made of stratified silicates (natural minerals) dimensioned corpuscles less than 40 microns. Therefore AWAF composition is not combustible, not corrosion active, not toxic and using existing lubrication only as the carrying agent in a band of abrasion.

    1. What antiwear antifrictional repair-regenerative composition is intended for?

This composition is used for a drop of a friction coefficient and for a diminution of coefficient of wear of rubbing details, a diminution of toxicity of exhaust fume. And also for prevention of a tear in conjugations and gears.

    1. What mechanism of action of the antiwear antifrictional repair-regenerative composition?

The antiwear antifrictional repair-regenerative composition includes components which in a band of contact come into effect with rubbing surfaces. In a band of contact as a result of a leakage of the physicochemical processes it is erected self organized process of selective transposition (without-deterioration abrasion) with formation of servovita film on rubbing surfaces. At a deforming the servovita film does not fail, it perceives all loadings, coating microroughnesses of surfaces. At usual abrasion details contact on very small square which are drawing up 0,0001-0,01 nominal areas of the conjugate surfaces. Sites of actual contact test high stress that leads to their mutual heading, plastic deformation and, hence, to intensive outwearing. At formation of the servovita film the actual square of contacts is incremented in tens times and a material of details tests only elastic deformations.

As at abrasion between details there is a thin protecting film, the jamming of rubbing surfaces will not be at rather greater contact loadings. Actually it is impossible to crush this film and also a shearing happen in this film.

    1. What differs the antiwear antifrictional repair-regenerative composition from additives?
      • constancy of the physicochemical properties;
      • minimization of a wear, drop of a friction coefficient and raise of tease-resistant of rubbing details owing to an establishment of the self organized process of selective transposition (without-deterioration abrasion) with formation of a blanket – the servovita film;
      • the effect does not disappear with replacement of the oil (50-100 thousand km);
      • it can be applied both in oils, and in lubricating greases.
    2. What gives using of the antiwear antifrictional repair-regenerative composition?
      • A raise and smoothing of a compression on cylinders of the engine;
      • Simplification of an engine firing (especially in the winter);
      • Increase the engine power and throttle response;
      • Reduction of noise of the engine and transmission units;
      • A diminution of toxicity of exhaust fume;
      • A diminution of contamination of an engine and oil by yields of a wear;
      • A drop of a fuel rate up to 10 %;
      • Increase of the interreplaceable period of work of oils;
      • Increase of life cycle of an engine.
    3. Ways of application of the antiwear antifrictional repair-regenerative composition.

The first way: add a composition directly in the assembly unit according to recommended concentration (calculation is guided from an amount of lubrication or oil which are being in the assembly unit). After that it is possible to prolong at once maintenance in a nominal condition without any limitations;

The second way:it is possible to add AWAF composition in capacitance with an oil, proceeding from recommended concentration (calculation is guided from an amount of the oil which are being in capacitance). Carefully mix and fill in oil in the assembly unit at the next shift.

    1. Recommended concentrations.
      • System of lubrication of petrol and diesel engines – 50-100 mg on 1 l of an oil;
      • Manual transmission, transfer case, main gear, and others – 0,1 g on 1 l of an oil;
      • Bearing units – 0.5-1 g on 1 kg of plastic lubricationи.
    2. What period of effective action of the antiwear antifrictional repair-regenerative composition?

It is established, that duration of action AWAF composition in several times the average period of intershift work of engine oil.

    1. Whether influences an antiwear antifrictional repair-regenerative composition on viscosity of oils and lubrications?

Adding of AWAF composition in a lubricating stuff does not render any significant action on their viscosity, as, at first, its amount is not enough (0,3 – 0,5 g), and, secondly, during the operation it completely adsorbs a surface of knots of abrasion with formation of a protecting film.

    1. Whether it is possible to use AWAF composition after application of air conditioners of metal of a first generationя?

It is possible to use without limitations

    1. How addition of the AWAF to engine oil influences on operation of four-stroke engines (petrol, diesel and gaseous)?
      • Cylinder-piston group:
        • Optimization of a microrelief of rubbing surfaces of the cylinder, piston-rings, the piston is carried out;
        • The intensity of wear process and factor of friction of details essentially decreases;;
        • Specific consumption of fuel-decreases;
        • The compression-raises;
        • Oil consumption-decreases for an intoxication, processes lacquer- and deposit- adjournment are decelerated.
      • The gas-distribution mechanism:
        • The wear of conjugations-decreases: a cam-balance-valve, bearing boxes of a camshaft.
      • Crank mechanism:
        • because of a drop of a friction coefficient in bearing boxes power inputs are reduced to scrolling of a bent shaft, that, in turn, easies starting, slashes specific consumption of fuel.
      • The oil pump:
        • oil pressure stabilizes.
    2. What ensures adding of AWAF composition to petrol for two-cycle engines with a crank-chamber puff?

Insufficient lubricant properties of a fuel-oil mixture, that ensures substantial growth of life cycle of these drives, are cancelled.

    1. What ensures adding of AWAF composition to fuel for diesel engines?

To fill the shortage antifrictional and antiweld properties of a diesel fuel with which one strength members of propellant instrumentation of the injection engine, as is known, are doped.

    1. How operation of AWAF composition in assembly units of shafting is exhibited?
      • Manual gearshift:
        • smooth and precise shifting is improved or restored;
        • greatly reduced noise of the gearbox;
        • increasing the reliability and durability of the gearbox.
      • Drive axle, transfer box, cylinder and power steering pump:
        • noise of operation of the assembly unit, friction coefficient, magnitude of a wear and heat of details-decrease;
        • productivity of the pump of the steering booster-raises;
        • Increases reliability of operation of mechanisms.
    2. Outcomes of tribotechnical trials.

The antiwear antifrictional repair-regenerative composition has been tested on the four-ballpoint ambulance of abrasion (a friction pair a lamina – rollers). As base of comparison was used industrial oil “И-20А”. Tribotechnical trial have displayed, that in a result of application of the antiwear antifrictional repair-regenerative composition the friction coefficient (for a pair steel-steel) was diminished in 5-8 times, coefficient of wear was diminished in 15-20 time.

    1. Why amount of AWAF composition is instituted by displacement volume of an oil, instead of coefficient of wear of a drive?

Amount of an oil in the assembly unit is proportional to square of effective areas of friction pairs. Exuberant application of repair-regenerative composition can lead to a converse effect. The amount of retreatments is related to coefficient of wear of friction pairs.

    1. What oil is better to use – mineral or synthetic?

It has no value as the antiwear antifrictional repair-regenerative composition is compatible with any kind of oils and fuel, does not enlist with them in chemical reactions and does not change properties of oils. AWAF composition by means of oil only is supplied to rubbing surfaces.

    1. Whether it is necessary to replace oil before use of the antiwear antifrictional repair-regenerative composition?

It is not necessary. It is recommended to make it, if before scheduled replacement of oil left less than 1000 km.

    1. Whether can AWAF composition, churned in engine oil, settle for a bottom of the underpan at the forced parking of car for a long time and, accordingly, lose the effectiveness?

As prescribed by the instruction on application, after application AWAF composition the engine should work not less than two hours idling or pass not less than 50 km. For this time the composition is localized on rubbing surfaces and in the further will operate completely, irrespective of interruptions on stream of the gear.

    1. Whether it is necessary to add AWAF composition at each replacement of oil?

No, it is not necessary. The protective coating is shaped during 1,0-1,5 thousand km of run. After that the oil can be changed in a usual condition.

    1. Whether it is possible to use AWAF composition, if any other additives were used earlier?

Certainly, it is possible. The antiwear antifrictional repair-regenerative composition is compatible with any components, addition agents, air conditioners of metal, etc., irrespective of succession of application. Thus it is better to work out a resource recommended by the producer for each concrete addition agent.

    1. Is it necessary to treat the new car?

Yes. For increase of life cycle of your car.

    1. Whether can wedge an engine as a result of handling?

No, it cannot, as process of formation of defensive (servovita) film is self-governed process, the particle size of a composition does not exceed a little bit micrometre and their hardness in 2-3 times less then hardness of steel.

    1. How correctly to meter a compression?

At measuring a compression it is necessary to observe the following rules. The engine should be “warm”. The fuel supply should be switched-off. It is possible to switch-off, for example, the fuel pump, atomizer nozzles or to use other modes hindering getting in of a great quantity of fuel in the cylinders; it is necessary to wrench all new inches. The selective dismantling of new inches, practiced on some stations of technical service, is intolerable, as it increments resistance to gyration and arbitrarily slashes turnovers at scrolling by a starter. The electrochemical battery should be completely charged, and the starter is rectified. Switch-off the ignition coil (commutator). Clamp a wood strip of the fuel pump on diesel engines. Compression is measured both with open, and with the shut butterfly. Thus each of modes yields the outcomes and allows to institute the imperfections. Roll the engine by starting device within 3-5 seconds

    1. Whether it is necessary to use reactivating antifrictional compositions if good oil and fuel are applied?

Special conditions of operation of the power-generating set are realized on starting regime. During the moment of starting, the basic parts of the engine, cylinder-piston group, bearing boxes of elbowed and especially distribution arbors, work without lubrication for a long time. The less the outside temperature, the conditions of starting are more rigid and details of an engine undergo the greater wear, especially bearing boxes of a cam shaft and barrels. As it is known, one cold engine start up at an outside temperature -20º С is an equivalent of 300-400 km of run, in summer conditions. In this situation for the motor it is all the same, what is flooded in its underpan.

Just in these situations work compositions of the considered class. They influence on a condition of surfaces of details of an engine, shaping defensive without-deterioration films, healing imperfections of abrasion, making the complete clearing of the assembly unit of depositions and soots.

    1. Whether handling of power-generating by AWAF composition influences on a noisiness and chatter?

Yes, the noisiness of an engine is a little diminished. It is known, that noise of an engine includes two basic components – gasdynamic noise of a letting in and issue, and mechanical noise, source of which are knocks of details of an engine at their cappices within the limits of clearances, especially it touches buckets, a bent shaft and the valve gear. Handling by AWAF composition result in the certain stabilization of clearances and a diminution of intensity of shocks of details at cappices. Besides drops of a noisiness, it stipulates diminution of wears of details as intensive shock at cappice always result in fracture of an oil film in conjugation of abrasion. For its restitution the certain time, during which the knot of an engine works in a condition of half dry abrasion, is required.

Besides, the drop of chatterings of a drive is promoted by smoothing of a compression in separate barrels of an engine. Simultaneously with the smoothing of a compression, there is a raise of identity of a action of working processes in barrels, and it is the basic requirement of a drop of a level of chatterings of an engine and all car as a whole.

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