Universal installations “Pure Bay” for highly efficient water purification of water areas and wastewater of industrial enterprises from oil and other petroleum products.

Project supervisor Sergey I. Nikitin.


Our equipment:

  1. The degree of purification of aqueous media from oil and oil products spills on various water surfaces, as well as the wastewater of various industrial enterprises (when they are once passed through the Pure Bay installation) is 98-99%, the initial content of oil and oil products and pollutants in wastewater is not standardized;
  2. Easy to operate, no special maintenance required;
  3. Do not require any chemical reagents, do not require any consumable filters and consumables;
  4. Do not consume electricity if wastewater can be fed into the unit by gravity;
  5. Easy to integrate and connect to various treatment facilities, small size;
  6. Safe to operate, no rotating parts;
  7. Can be easily installed as highly efficient stationary independent treatment facilities, in parallel to various existing factory treatment facilities and oil traps, no alteration of existing factory treatment plants or oil traps is required;
  8. Installations are easily transported, can be installed on various trailed automobile and tractor equipment;
  9. The units are lightweight, compact, and can be installed on various floating equipment: various light boats, suitable directly to the coastal zone of oil spills, can be installed on various boats, various vessels, on various other towed platforms for floating vehicles.

Pure bay

Process demonstration