Impregnating formulations developed and manufactured by Ultraseal (non-regenerable PC504-66, regenerated new generation Rexeal 100) possess unique technical characteristics that competing manufacturers do not have:

high chemical resistance. The impregnation withstands the effects of oils (including aggressive grades of synthetic oils with low viscosity), lubricants, almost all acids, liquid fuels, gases, refrigerants and solvents;
lack of pressure restrictions, both lower and upper;
widest temperature range. Continuous operating temperature: -50 ° C to 220 ° C. The maximum temperature can reach up to 300 ° C before the beginning of the decrease in the efficiency of the impregnating substance, the minimum – 90 ° C;
excellent resistance to thermal cycling and deformation of parts during operation;
all impregnating compounds are very well washed off with water and in combination with the cascade washing system implemented in Ultraseal installations, the ideal surface condition of the parts after the impregnation process is ensured.

The Ultraseal PC504 / 66 is globally approved by most of the largest automakers. Recently, the use of the Rexeal 100 regenerated impregnating composition has increased sharply due to its high technical properties, economy (up to 80% of the consumption of the impregnating composition occurs during washing parts in cold water, and the regenerated composition returns after washing), as well as high environmental properties.

Technical Documentation: PC504; Rexeal100.