Microporosity in handsheets, and also in the details produced by a method of powder metallurgy, can lead to their non hermetic under the pressure.

We bring to your attention production technology which enables pressure seal of pores, pipes, capillaries and cracks of all casting alloys and cermets, ferrite, ceramics and composite materials.

The given technology does not cause a fault and deformation of impregnated details. After the ending of impregnating, all details are clean, without traces of corrosion and oxidation and ready to further use without an aftertreatment.

During all service life of treated parts impregnant on the basis of monomers of methacrylate stands affecting of oils (including aggressive kind of synthetic oils with low viscosity), greasings, practically all acids, liquid types of fuel, gases, coolants and dissolvents. A continuous operating temperature: from-90°C up to 200°C. The maximum temperature can attain 250°C before the beginning of decrease of efficiency of impregnant. Places of application – the basic industries: automobile, foundry, hydraulics and a pneumatics, valves and fittings, pumps. Reliably are impregnating such complex details as: blocks of engines, heads of cylinder blocks, valves, cases of pumps, gear boxes, fittings, components of an automobile brake system, etc.

We can treat batches of your details on our installation, or we can realize this technology at your factory with the further delivery of a material for impregnating.

Besides for elimination of large casting defects, we can offer special metal-filled compositions, both for pig-iron, and for aluminum casting. The given compositions possess tall strength properties and also after hardening can be exposed to on-gauge metal working.